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Moldavia , Sunday 25 February 2018

News Moldavia » Taraclia: Bulgaria Opens a Consulate in Taraclia, Moldova

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Publication date: onday 30 October 2017

(October 31, 2017 Sofia) Bulgaria's consulate in the Moldavian city of Taraclia was officially opened with a festive ceremony today. "I want to thank everyone who helped to make it happen. This consulate will provide not only consular services, but we ...

News Moldavia » Taraclia: Bulgaria Gives Funding for Water Supply in Moldova's Taraclia

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Publication date: Friday 25 September 2015

Bulgaria and the United Nations have signed the agreement on a development project in Taraclia, a city and adjacent region in Moldova with a predominant ethnic Bulgarian population. Sofia's Embassy to Chisinau has provided EUR 275 000 to help improve water ...

News Moldavia » Taraclia: Moldova arrests paramilitaries who 'planned pro-Russian uprising'

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Publication date: onday 30 November 2015

Moldovan authorities said such pro-separatist cells have been under the scanner in cities like Taraclia, Comrat and Balti, with substantial ethnic-Russian populations. The arrests of the alleged paramilitaries were announced by Moldova's acting chief of ...

News Moldavia » Taraclia: Anxiety grows in Europe as Transnistria asks for Russian annexation

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Publication date: uesday 18 March 2014

Following the annexation of Crimea, the Russian-controlled province of Transnistria in Moldova has asked to join Russia ... Crimea taking place in Gagauzia or even in the “pro-Russian Taraclia district” in the South. “Moving self-defence units ...

News Moldavia » Taraclia: Taisiya Goldenshteyn

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Publication date: Saturday 09 March 2013

Taisiya Goldenshteyn Taisiya Goldenshteyn of Bellevue passed away on March 4, 2013. She was 78. Mrs. Goldenshteyn was born to Motel and Chaya Flomen on March 28, 1934 in Taraclia, Moldova. Following World War II, they settled in Chernivtsi, Ukraine ...

News Moldavia » Taraclia: Soros Organization Secretly Paid Salaries For Staffers Of Moldovan Prime Minister

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Publication date: Wednesday 24 August 2016

Vitu, it’s noted, previously served on the board of OSF’s Moldova branch. The proposal was approved ... is just the latest revelation to come from the DCLeaks documents. The Daily Caller reported that Soros’s OSF funded “opposition research ...

News Moldavia » Taraclia: Transnistria Primer – Analysis

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Publication date: uesday 04 October 2016

In addition, Romanian-Moldovan unification, should it come to pass, could potentially spark conflict in Moldova’s Gaugazia—primarily inhabited by a Turkic ethnolinguistic minority—and Taraclia—primarily inhabited by a Bulgarian ethnolinguistic ...